"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."



The World Peace and Justice Foundation (WPJF) is dedicated to the establishment of peace through just means, and justice through peaceful means. That may sound like a simple statement, "peace through just means, and justice through peaceful means," but that one phrase incorporates many philosophies and conditions.


"Peace" may be defined as the absence of war, but a fuller definition of the word might include the presence of cultural and economic understanding. Many nations may not be at war, yet do not have peace – oppression, tyranny, censorship, denial of basic human rights, all these things preclude peace.


"Justice" is a concept based on ethics, law, and equality. It's being fair. We expect our governments to treat its citizens fairly, and we expect other people to treat us fairly.


So when we say, "peace through just means, and justice through peaceful means," we're saying we want to stop those who are robbing others of their peace, but we must do it lawfully and fairly.


Not an easy task!


The WPJF, as with many other similar organizations, depends solely upon the donations of private individuals for operating capital. If you'd care to donate, please give us a call at (712) 258-6085. Thank you.





If you'd like to download a PDF copy of Mr. Chandara Kin's book, "The Khmer Heroes Sacrifice in the Dark World," simply click below.

This book in its English form is still a work in progress.  It was originally written in Khmer, the language of Cambodia, and the accurate translation of the ideas will take more time. There is still much for our translation and editorial team to do. However, due to the pressing urgency to make the information in the book available to the English-speaking world, we are posting this draft, as it is, to this web site.  Our intention is, as our translation and editorial team finish a section, the revisions will be posted as quickly as they are ready. We can always use expert assistance, so if you, or someone you know, is highly literate in Khmer as a second language, and would like to assist with this task, please contact us through this web site.

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